About the Development Journalist:

It was never in my plans. It was not in my dreams. My childhood goal was to become an architect to build a home where my family and I could live in happily. However, God gave me opportunities that made me realize who I am and what will I be.  I then knew that I was Helen Keller — What I am looking for is not out there; it is in me. All I did was to get to know myself more and God did the rest. He wrote a better story for me.

After my experiences as a copyreader and headline writer who qualified in the Division and Regional Secondary Schools Press Conferences for two consecutive years, I realized that an architecture degree would not suit me well. I have always wrote poems and short novels for fun and essays in different competitions. Consequently, I was not fond of numbers and equations but I enjoyed Communication and History subjects more. Most people often told me that I was a grammar and spelling ‘nazi’ but it never came to me as an insult. It took years to hit me. Once I received my National Career Assessment Examination result, I changed my plans of becoming an architect to become a writer.

I am a writer. And a detective. A magician. A mermaid. A princess, slaying dragons for a living. But I am more than what I read and write about. I figured that I am still an architect in my own way because I can still build the future with the words and ideas God blessed me with through my experiences.

In ten years, I might see myself sitting on a chair, correcting erroneous articles as an editor-in-chief or writing literary works. Maybe I have published a few books and made profit of them. Maybe I have become a resource speaker for schools press conferences for a few times. Or maybe I have produced my own radio or TV show.

But, I am more of an adventurous person. I am a development journalist, someone who reports news about the nation’s developments and innovations. It is not about the title and fame; I will be someone who will never work for money or for personal interests but for m countrymen. I want to discover everything, especially the truth. I want to serve the people with my desire to make the future a better place for us to live in.

I am part of those young people who will do anything for my country, my nation— the Philippines. I will do it in the best way I can because I am Jandelle Cruz — the girl who writes for the nation with her heart. ###


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