Naiintindihan pa ba?

Nineteen thee Hun pub bah?

Savvy knee in eye, mag are roll thou ack caw,
Parody num mug love ah, mag who gasp plot tow,
Key yacht pugs zap peat cong pee toe,
Nah say squeal La Hannah quo,
Em biz num mug La roe,
Live brown knack a her rap quo.

Is hangar row, nap a golly tank come me,
Sob because seen numb bee knee beany,
Mugging less slang come Mi,
Cone dee bye yod peas sew, wall lang ooh ooh we,
Bucket Kaye yeah, a new bang mall lee?
Tan non quo sub bat tang tool add nuns czar really.

Sucking Pa goo we, in glass zero knack caw,
Num Aang has see in eyes sun not tutu none coup,
Sob bean yeah, mob booty pack quo,
The hills shy dim muck a book clot none live bro.
Key yap palace yeah knock cock coo knot no oh,
Owe in I, nineteen thee Hun mob back oh?




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