Writer’s block and laziness?

I am currently writing a short story with a guy POV again. Yes, I know I've never finished a story with so many chapters before and maybe I've finished writing only one or two stories so far. It sucks. But still I need to write the ideas down.   I've got writer's block and laziness … Continue reading Writer’s block and laziness?


Sir Mata

[Note: I'm trying not to cry while typing this, okay? Sorry if it's too long but I just need to let my heart out.] I know some of you will agree that Sir Roberto Mata was one of the best history teachers I had, especially because of his puns and jokes. I thought he was … Continue reading Sir Mata

Neutral Me

Being too neutral has so many disadvantages. Even though it makes me look like I'm open to new ideas and beliefs, it makes me look too indecisive. It makes others think that I am not mentally prepared for a certain issue or struggle. But it isn't anything┬álike that. As a person who always keeps her … Continue reading Neutral Me