Late Night Thoughts: We’ve Been.

(12:05 PM) Not so late night thoughts but...   I can count how many times you've worn that green three-fourths shirt. I know you pick your vegetables--- that you don't want carrots, eggplants, string beans, radishes, and the such. I know you got a sweet tooth. You never run out of sweets. I know you … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts: We’ve Been.



Nanaginip ako ng random. Kilala ko 'yong cast pero dahil medyo nakakahiya, in-anonymous ko na lang sila. Itatago ko na lang sila sa identity nina Leading Lady at Leading Man. Nalimutan ko na rin 'yong ibang details pero ito lang talaga 'yong pinaka-vivid na part. Share ko lang. Hindi ko pa rin kasi ma-gets 'yong … Continue reading #GulayChichiryaAnalogy

A Memorable Birthday

I remember that time when he greeted me a happy birthday for the first time. Few years back, we had a sports event in our church for three consecutive Sundays. The last Sunday was my birthday so I was thrilled to know that I'm going to spend my day with him and the gang. But … Continue reading A Memorable Birthday


A Random Dream

Nanaginip ako one time (and yes,  kasama 'to nung #GulayChichiryaAnalogy hahaha) at natutuwa ako kasi naaalala ko pa siya. WARNING! Medyo weird 'to pero tolerable naman. Here it goes... (Sa ilalim ng piano.) :Pwede ba kitang ligawan? :Ha? :Sorry kung biglaan. Hindi ko na kasi kayang pigilan yung mga nararamdaman ko. Mahal kita. :Paano mo … Continue reading A Random Dream


Late Night Thoughts 3: My Little Ate

10:38pm - If somebody would ask me who I look up to, I'd say that that somebody is my sister. Normally, younger siblings look up to their Ates or Kuyas but I am proud to say that I am inspired by my little sister. And my other two siblings, too. My sister is my Baby … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts 3: My Little Ate


Late Night Thoughts 2: Why I Love Mysteries

11:47pm Heart-racing, mind-boggling. Mysteries are quite a mystery itself. I loved mysteries since, I don't know... Forever? And it's probably because I'm a curious person and I always want to be ahead of everyone. I always want to find the answer for anything I want to know and it bugs me if I don't get … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts 2: Why I Love Mysteries



"Because I was Leonardo diCaprio and you were an Oscar. No matter how good I was, I still can't have you." PUTANGINA. Buti pa si Leo, nakuha na Oscar nya. Eh ako? WALA. GAGO.