You’re not even there

I saw you with her--- With that girl you just met, She wasn't that pretty, nor smart, And her thoughts were hard to get. But she knew how you felt--- If you were happy, or sad, or pissed, She also tried to make you happy To help you forget the love you missed. She liked … Continue reading You’re not even there


Heal Me

Written on: 16 December 2015 "Never mind the ride. I've been hurting inside. The pain beneath my soul is killing me silently. You've neglected me. You did not bother looking me in the eyes. My memories of you were lies. It was like you forgot about me. Completely." xxx

That Girl In Autumn

"she always looked so happy, maybe that's why I didn't see."


Happy 18th! Love, Mama

It took God a score and six years of waiting. It took me three quarters of a year of mixed feelings. It took a miracle for a new life to begin. You were born - that's when. One cry, one smile, one hello to this world. All fears, all pains, All efforts paid off. That's … Continue reading Happy 18th! Love, Mama


The Way

(Written Apr 12, 10:17PM) If I won't see the light of tomorrow I won't feel any pain or sorrow Why would I not if I deserved to die? I am just a human before every eye. This world isn't perfect, is it? Every creature, to its every bit Is destined to fall, to leave This … Continue reading The Way